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Why do online casinos offer casino bonuses? 

Online casinos offer certain bonuses for both the players and their advantage. However, there are a number of reasons why casinos would continue these bonus offers.

For new casinos, it helps them as a marketing tactic to introduce themselves to a very competitive market. Second, it helps create a pool of followers and patrons who are encouraged through these bonuses to play and bet in the casinos. Loyalists also have the opportunity to avail of bonuses reserved for patrons as a reward system.

Casinos also lure in players to try out new games by offering bonuses such as no deposit free spins for these games. Another reason casinos like to offer bonuses is to encourage more players to try out more slots through bonuses.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are offered in many forms and can be used by players depending on the conditions set by the online casino. Players are offered bonuses usually as an incentive for joining the casino, subscribing, or for just regularly playing in the platform. Casino bonuses entice players to bet more. These bonuses may come as free spins, casino cash or basically any offerings from the online casino.

Here are some of the online casino bonuses that you may encounter in online casinos.

Sign-up Bonus

A reward exclusively for new players that’s meant as an introductory bonus for those who sign up at the casino. These usually come as no deposit free spins or casino cash with free 

spins. These are given quite generously by most online casinos to entice players to check out what they have to offer. Once the sign up process is complete and sometimes, an initial deposit is made, then players can avail of the sign-up bonus. There are instances however, that a no deposit will be required from the players to get a chance to avail of the said bonus.

Registration Bonus

Most players confuse this bonus with the sign-up bonus. And normally, casinos only offer either of one. However, to specify, a registration bonus is offered after players register their payment details. This normally completes the sign-up and registration full scale and allows players to fully avail of the bonuses the online casino has to offer.

Welcome Bonus

A common online casino bonus in online casinos that welcomes new players to the online casino. These are usually divided as per deposit bonus and can come as casino cash plus additional free spins. Welcome bonuses are meant to let players peruse the casino and try out their flagship games and those provided by their preferred software providers. Even newly released games like slots are placed under the roster of offers that players can avail through a casino’s welcome bonuses.

Deposit Bonus

These are rewarded after signing up and making a deposit, and usually come in packages to lure in players to keep on playing. These deposit bonuses normally come in succession. So expect to earn a bonus after your first deposit, another after your second deposit, then again on your third and fourth deposit. Other deposit bonuses work through a percentage that the casinos give players after each deposit. It works like this: Let’s say you work with $50, and the casino offers 20% to its players per deposit or to at least one of the deposits. What happens next is that you’re working with your monetary deposit and the casino percentage which in this example, amounts to $60 overall. This main amount becomes the casino cash you can play with in certain games.

First Deposit Bonus

Basically, the initial bonus you place in an online casino. Most of the time, first deposit bonuses are offered as cash bonuses; thus, luring a large number of players with their wallets ready in hand. However, as they do seem like easy cash cows with their offers to double your initial deposit as a cash bonus to use in the casino, these are usually limited by certain requirements or restrictions by the casino itself. Other casinos will offer free spins on a highly coveted game like roulette or a popular video slot.

No Deposit Bonus                                           

Players can play without having to make a deposit and can avail free spins on pre-selected slot games by the casino. These free casino cash bonuses may sound appealing, and don’t get us wrong, they are, but these normally come with wagering requirements. It’s also important to note that winnings cannot be withdrawn unless wagering requirements are accomplished. It’s also vital to take into consideration the withdrawal limits imposed by online casinos as they do vary per brand. However, the upside with this type of bonus is that it’s a free way to peruse the casino that piques your interest and to see whether or not you’d like to truly commit in betting, or sometimes, just playing for fun.

Non-common bonuses

While no deposit bonuses and similar offerings have practically become a norm for uk online casinos to entice players to come and try their games. However, there are other bonuses that aren’t so widely known and are actually offered as the next steps in a player’s gaming journey within the casino. These bonuses are normally offered to patrons to keep them loyal to the casino. Sometimes, these work as a marketing method to gain new players through the referrals of patrons.

Other types of bonuses

High Roller Bonus

Of course those who bet more are given special treatment. Casinos need to take care of their bigwigs by giving bonuses like these to players who have huge deposits and place high bets. These are offered to the online casino’s VIP players and loyal players

Play – Only Bonus

Players can only play on specific games but cannot withdraw any bonus money. The winnings from this bonus play are kept separate from the player’s actual total winnings from bets. However, the bonus money can only be used to wager. The money comes out of your bonus balance every time you make a wager.

Match Bonus

A match bonus is one that players get that match the amount deposited. These bonuses come as a fixed percentage that is multiplied by the deposit amount. So if the online casino advertises a bonus match of 400%, and you tend to deposit $100, you’ll be able to receive $400 in return. Be sure to check the casino’s maximum limit though. These are expressed as match bonuses of a certain percentage up to a given amount. For example: Match bonus of 200% UP TO $1000. This means the casino’s limit is at $1000.

High Roller Bonus

Of course those who bet more are given special treatment. Casinos need to take care of their bigwigs by giving bonuses like these to players who have huge deposits and place high bets. These are offered to the online casino’s VIP players and loyal players

 Refer-a-friend Bonus

Refer a friend, get a reward. That’s how online casinos reach new players through their patrons. Referrers are given a percentage commission from their referral’s winnings in the casino, although this isn’t normally a common offer in casinos.

Reload Bonus

These are given to players for reloading (such as bonuses for reloading after registration period) and mostly awarded on a timely basis only (per month, on specific days, etc.). However, the real charm of reload bonuses is to reel back customers who have stopped playing. It has been observed that the nature of many players is to leave the casino once their cash reserve has been depleted. So to lure back players to bet real money on their games, these types of bonuses are offered multiple times. There are two types of reload bonuses:

Tiered Bonus

These are normally offered in levels and come after the first deposit bonus. They pay out numerous times but are normally less the initial deposit. For example, the first deposit is at 100% 

up to $100, then the second at 50% up to $50, 25% up to $25, and so on and so forth. This system was created when casinos noticed that players were only making the initial deposit to take advantage of the welcome bonuses and would no longer reload their account once availed. It hoped to hook players to the casino on a long-term basis.

Bonus Codes

These types of bonuses are offered specifically to players who have initially signed up and played but have not made their presence known in quite some time. Casinos will then try to lure back players who have been missing in action by sending emails with bonus codes in them. Players will need to input these bonus codes on the casino site to avail of them and finally, start playing again.

Sticky Bonus VS Non-Sticky Bonus

 The only way the player will know whether the bonus is sticky or not is through the terms and conditions of the casino.

Sticky Bonus

Not necessarily named as such by actual online casinos, the sticky bonus has been coined as an offer whose winnings cannot be withdrawn. These types of bonuses are given after players have signed up and made the first deposit. If the deposit is not withdrawable and for wagering only, then it is unofficially considered a sticky bonus. The player may not cash out his winnings with the bonus but can continue using the casino cash to keep placing bets. A sticky bonus is easy to spot if the deposit bonus offered is too good to be true (like 400% of the initial deposit).

Non-sticky Bonus

The opposite of the aforementioned, a non-sticky bonus can be withdrawn with the exception that the player fulfills the wagering requirements of the bonus. He can then expect to cash out his winnings within the limitations of the casino’s wagering policies. Usually, this bonus is between 50% to 100% at maximum. As wonderful as this sounds, many online casinos also limit the types of games and bets the player makes using this bonus.

Exclusive Bonuses


Exclusive bonuses are offered by online casinos through partner websites. Players who sign up or already have existing accounts in partner websites can avail of exclusive bonus offers that online casinos wouldn’t normally give to regular players. These bonuses exist to strengthen the cooperation between both parties, where it comes off as mutually beneficial for those involved.

Exclusive bonuses come in all shapes and sizes. And because they’re offered in multitudes, online casinos need not to worry about whether their marketing tactics will work on these sites. Here are the types normally offered in partnered websites:

No Deposit Bonuses

More attractive than usual, these bonuses that don’t require money out of your wallet at first go doesn’t mean they can’t be tied up to certain partner sites. And these exclusive no deposit bonuses to partner sites can differ from the ones offered by the casinos itself as a supplementary giveaway.

Deposit Bonuses

One of the more common bonuses, deposit bonuses requires you to place an initial down payment that the online casino will then match with useable casino cash. Sometimes, these include an extra percentage of the deposit.

Free Spins

Another coveted bonus by players offered as part of a partnership between websites and online casinos and sometimes, allowing players to win cash from the free spins bonus. Although wagering requirements do apply, you can use your winnings in your bankroll to get the ball rolling, so to speak, in the casino.

Rollers Bonuses

For whatever type of player, exclusive bonuses will be offered to keep them playing, and of course, betting their money. But however you play, whether you bet high per game or like to bet in smaller increments, casinos and their partner websites usually have something up their sleeves to entice you.

Low Roller Bonus

If you’re the kind of player who isn’t too confident with betting with high stakes of cash, don’t worry, you’re not exempted from any of the special offers. In fact, many online casinos will offer higher percentages (100-200%) for a smaller amount of deposit ($10, $20, $50) just so players can gain a momentum and some reserves in their bankroll to keep them playing.

High Roller Bonus

Serious spenders, rejoice. The casinos are just as happy to see you as you are to see them. Get ready for VIP bonuses and rewards that will encourage players to continue betting higher. Partner casinos will heighten the incentive so that high rollers are enticed to keep betting high. Bonuses are given as twice the amount of the deposit or given an incredulous percentage that makes it hard to decline.

How Casino Bonuses are offered

Casinos offer bonuses in various forms and usually in packages.

Bonus Cash

This is a small amount of casino cash that you can use to play with. These are usually given as a match bonus from your initial deposit, which then becomes a succession of deposits in the long run.

Free Spins

Free Spins allows players to use specific slots or games without betting money to peruse the online casino and get a feel of the games before actually committing to the casino.

Free Play

These come as free credits, usually available only at limited time offer. Players will be able to play the games selected by the casino to as many spins they want, until they want to bet otherwise.

Cashback Bonus

This is a type of bonus where players get to receive back their losses from casino games over a period of time. That’s why this bonus is also coveted by many players, although can be quite rare.

Online Casino Bonuses makes Casinos less Financially Stressful

Apart from allowing players to test games and peruse through the casino, online casino bonuses help the players to commit to actually betting their money in their chosen casinos. These bonuses are especially helpful for players who don’t have a huge amount of cash to bet on casino games. Casino bonuses entice players to play more, which gives them a chance to explore the casino and test out more of the games they actually deposited for. Casino bonuses also reassure players that the online casino is also taking risks on their end rather than just depending on players’ bets.

Wagering Requirements

We’ll hear so much about wagering requirements and how we need to be careful with how we perceive the fine print before expecting to cash out any winnings. It’s important to know that each casino has their own set of wagering requirements that differs from the competition.

But what exactly are wagering requirements?

These are limitations imposed on players by casinos before cashing out. Specifically, wagering requirements is the number of times a bonus needs to be wagered before it becomes qualified to be withdrawn as actual cash.

Still kind of iffy with its meaning? Well, think of wagering requirements as a multiplier that lets players know the number of times you need to play a bonus before withdrawing your winnings in cash. These vary diversely in each online casino, and even more so in the type of games you choose to play. Games that have a high house edge like Bingo and Wheel of Fortune have a higher percentage (sometimes up to 100%) towards the casino’s wagering requirements. On the other hand, games with a low house edge such as Blackjack will also have a lower percentage towards the wagering requirements.

Let’s break it down for you. Imagine a bonus of let’s say 100%, being the most frequently offered as a first deposit bonus. So what happens is, if the player deposits $50, the casino gives an extra $50 that he can use to play in the casino, a total of $100 all in all. However, it’s because of the restrictions imposed by the wagering requirements that stops the player from just withdrawing the $100 in cash as winnings. So rather than that, the casino compels player to wager the casino cash in different games for a set number of times before they can withdraw their winnings and of course, whatever remnants of the initial bonus.


Where to find these wagering requirements?

To be extremely honest, wagering requirements can be hard to find. These are usually the small fine print found in the Terms and Conditions page. For players who want to get the most out of their bonuses, or gaming and betting experience, for that matter, it becomes vital to locate these wagering requirements in the online casino’s website and fully understand what they imply. This way, more discerning players can make sense of how probable they are to profit, if any, from their bonuses.

Bonus Restrictions


This is when the bonus amount is added directly to your account so you can start playing games specified for the said bonus. Once a withdrawal restricted bonus has been activated, it means that the bonus funds will be at the frontline once you do plan to deplete your bankroll to place a bet or play a game. These are set up to limit the bonus, deposit and even the winning amount. This means you may not withdraw the said amount or use it on other games in the casino. So if you do win anything using the restricted amount, you are only limited to those winnings.

So it’s important to check as a player if you have restricted winnings from an active restricted bonus account.

The amount won from these are then added to the restricted bonus balance until you can meet the bonus release conditions of the casino. So, take note that the current restricted amount may increase or decrease as you play the games specified for the said bonus. Another factor to take into consideration is the bonus expiration date where you will need to meet the wagering requirements within a given validity period. If it is not met on the said time, your bonus and any winnings will be taken back by the casino during the expiration date.

Release Restricted Bonus

The bonus amount is only released to the player’s account once he or she has met wagering requirements. So as long as you wager your bonus up to the casino’s requirements, you may use the bonus amount on any game of your choice and even have the option to withdraw it. However, it is also important to take note that the overall bonus amount in this type of bonus is released to players in numerous equal portions. Then, wagering requirements will also be taken into consideration as they are divided equally per portion. And like the withdrawal restricted bonus, a release restricted bonus also makes use of a validity period. Within this time, the player must meet wagering requirements before the bonus expiration date or else the bonus amount will not be released into his or her account.

Online Casino Bonus FAQs

What is an online casino bonus?

Online casino bonuses are technically a blatant marketing strategy that casinos use to entice players to visit their website, and keep those already in their database to continue their patronage. They come in various forms: from sign-up bonuses, welcome bonuses, and registration bonuses meant to lure in new players to loyalty bonuses, reload bonuses, and refer-a-friend bonuses, to name a few, to ensure that players continue playing the casino’s roster of games and of course, keep betting their money in the online casino.

Online casino bonuses can either be given free or with as a reward for the player’s very first deposit. The mindset that online casinos are trying to create in the minds of players is a reward system where every move of the player is not uncounted for. They are rewarded for signing up and perusing, and rewarded again for multiple deposits, per deposit.

How do you choose the best online casino bonus?

As enticing as freebies go, it’s best to understand the ins and outs of a casino’s bonus system before plunging headfirst into the water. While bonuses like $1000 in bonus money and 150 free spins are indeed very tempting, these usually include a deposit that might match the offered bonus cash. Now, other casinos will offer smaller amounts like $200 bonus money just by signing up. These can come out to just half of what’s offered because of wagering requirements.

When it comes to choosing the best online casino bonus, it’s important to check the fine print which is our slang for the Terms and Conditions page. Here, you’ll find wagering requirements and even a validity period for the bonus to be wagered. Check what happens when you don’t meet the said requirements before the expiration date and concur for yourself if it’s realistic enough. Also, as far as free spins and free plays go, make sure it’s offered in a slot or game you actually want to play and bet in the future, and isn’t being pushed by the casino for their own reasons.

Which features should I look for in an online casino?

While offered online casino bonuses are wonderful eye candy, don’t be swayed too easily into signing up and placing your first deposit to claim the bonuses. There a few factors players, both seasoned and novice need to take into consideration before choosing the online casino that’s worth their time, money and effort.

Welcome Bonuses and Wagering Requirements

Welcome bonuses are a great opportunity for your account to gain some momentum when you do plan to start betting in the casino. Of course, chose the casinos that have such enticing bonuses with caveat, and be sure to head to the Terms and Conditions page first to compare and contrast whether or not wagering requirements for the said bonuses are realistic for you.

VIP Programs

Patrons and loyalists in a casino deserve the VIP treatment, being a part of their pool of heavyweight and recurring clients. Online casino bonuses are offered to VIP players in the form of discounts, extra casino cash and even free spins. Certain perks are also involved for loyal players, usually through faster withdrawal periods and events exclusive to the VIP clientele. High rollers, on the other hand, are also normally offered their own versions of online casino bonuses to encourage them to keep betting at such high stakes, and of course, as a reward from the casino that pretty much says “we value you.”

Roster of Games

For casino enthusiasts, both land-based and online, it’s necessary to have a multitude of high-quality games in the casino’s arsenal. Players should check for game variety and see if the games offered fit their gaming needs and desires. A good number of virtual slots, table games, live table games, and variations of them are always a good sign that casino is investing in diversifying its gaming experience. Also important is to check that the online casino has games from trusted software providers such as some bigwigs in the industry including Netent, Yggdrasil, Microgaming and Playtech, to name a few.

Customer Support and Security

A casino that has a live chat feature is already a sigh of relief—even better if it’s available 24/7. But if not, the standard 9-5 schedule should be the minimum. Customer support is vital even with the smallest detail, whether it’s an uncleared bonus or a pending withdrawal. Great customer support needs to be at the backbone of every casino because it’s basically the poster boy of the brand expressing how they value their customers.

Casinos, especially online ones, need a very strong security encryption system to keep their players’ identities and bankrolls secure from hackers. You’ll find the type of SSL encryption in the casino’s website or in numerous review sites. Another important factor that has to do with security is the casino’s license/s. This is a requirement for operation. And the more they have, the more secure the casino is.